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Wagworthy - Fruit Hefeweizen

Fruit Hefeweizen. Winter 2022 – Grapefruit flavored wheat beer with citrus and stone fruit notes.

Made with El Dorado hops (tropical fruit notes) and Cascade hops (citrus notes)

    ABV 4.2%    IBU 9

Sitz. Bleib. - German pilsner

Our very first brew.  A German pilsner with smooth citrus notes. 

Made with Liberty hops, a descendant of the German noble hop, Hallertau Mittelfruh.

   ABV 4.6%    IBU 16

Okami - Wasabi Pale Ale

A hint sweet, a hint sour, with mild wasabi notes.  

    ABV 5.2%

Z. Lou - Golden Ale

February 3rd started as a normal brew day.  By the end of the day our first great-niece had arrived. This beer, brewed that day, is named in her honor.  A light, crushable, golden ale with summery citrus notes.

    ABV 4.5%.   IBU 5

Maine Brewers' Guild Collaboration V2 - IPA

50+ breweries, same hops, same specialty malts, 50+ unique IPAs. We created a dry hopped, wheat-based IPA with floral and pine aromas and notes of tropical fruit and berry.

    ABV 4.9%

Blues Brew '22

In collaboration with Bray's Brewing Company, we have reincarnated their Blues Brew.  A pale ale brewed in celebration of the Blues.  A mildly hoppy, drinkable-all-day, session ale.

ABV 4.5%

Media Luna - Lime Ale

Inspired by a classic margarita. Made with salt water, fermented with agave, finished with lime.

    ABV 6.3%.  IBU 14.5

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