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Our Beers Don't Bite


We love the tasting room experience but our tastes lean away from the current trend of "hops forward" beers.  A visit to a local start up got us thinking "Hey, we can do this!"  Three years of strategizing, education, hard work and lots of unexpected hurdles later, here we are.  We offer a full spectrum of beers to appeal to all taste buds; from white beers to reds, from fruity to sour, from dark to light, from mild to hoppy we have something for everyone.  

At Olive Pit Brewing we love animals.  In fact we are named after our beloved Pittie, Olive Roo.  Our mission as a brewery is to provide a full spectrum of beers, with a particular focus on the broad representation of less hoppy styles, but our mission as a corporate citizen is to give back in support of animal welfare.  We donate all of our spent grain to community members as livestock feed and each month we will donate a portion of our proceeds to various animal causes and rescue groups.  Watch our Event page for fundraiser and adoption events and check out our Partners page for a list of the organizations with whom we have worked.


We are beer loving animal people who welcome well behaved, leashed pets in our taproom and in our beer garden.

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